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Süreko targets to contribute decreasing reduction of fossil fuel use and carbon emissions

Providing industrial waste disposal and recycling services, Süreko achieved 33% growth in 2017, related to its high quality services and increased customer satisfaction. Recydia General Manager Enrico Friz said that 2018 is a year, which they continue to grow in the market and increase their production capacity. "We are serving at our modern facility in Manisa-Kula and plan to continue growing. Thanks to our brand liability and the high quality service we provide to our customers, we are one of the important players in the market.

Recalling that Süreko was founded in 2008, Friz said, "In the following years, additional investments were made with the acquisition of the environmental permit. As a result of these investments the facility has passed full capacity utilization in 2010. We can list our activities as industrial waste recovery, site management, recovery of metals and cables, disposal of waste sludge, recovery of fluorescents, biodegradation and alternative fuel production for use in cement plants. Our main business processes are generating energy from waste and disposal services. As an Environmental Service Provider, we are specialized in the disposal and recycling of 'hazardous' and 'non-hazardous' waste of industrial plants. In addition, our extensive expertise in the field of environmental protection makes us competitive in the treatment of soil and water pollution. Thanks to our sales team and strong logistics network, we are delivering our services to Trakya, Marmara and Western Anatolia regions. "

Hereko, which is other group company of Recydia, operates in Istanbul near Kömürcüoda on the recycling and disposal of materials called household or municipal waste. In Hereko, alternative fuel derived from household waste "SRF" is produced about 30 thousand tons annually.

Friz said that they processed about 13 thousand tonnes of alternative fuel last year, "In this figure, the ratio of high value waste and recovered alternative fuels has increased compared to previous years. This is extremely important. Because each recycled waste and material obtained as an alternative fuel means less fossil fuel use, less carbon emissions and other types of pollution. The positive effect on the environment is, getting more and more important every day.

Stressing that the interest in recycling and the use of recovered materials is constantly increasing, Friz said, "We assume that this increase will continue. For this reason, we went to capacity increase in Süreko plant in Kula and we start to produce 10 tons / hour alternative fuel"RDF" which was 5 tons / hour last year. We continue to strengthen our hazardous waste logistics service every year by adding new hazardous waste licensed vehicles to our fleet. In addition to this, by adding “site management” to our services, we provide our customers with expert staff and equipment support for waste management on their site.

As a result of process development in Hereko Plant, process has been made more streamlined so that we started to produce higher calorific value and better quality alternative fuel derived from household waste "SRF”.

Stressing that the market is getting gradually matured, Friz said, "As Süreko, we seriously consider our growth targets and new investment opportunities. Our growth targets that we will grow in Aegean Region, which we are already operating, and other industrially developed regions. We are also open to potential partnerships that can create synergy and integrity while achieving our growth target, "he said.

Auditing needs to be progressed

With the legislative and regulatory requirements for investments on waste management fair competition and market conditions should be established, Friz said: "An environment in which everyone can act and compete under the same rules is possible through the prevention of illegal activities. Especially the implementation of sanctions in Turkey, the control of illegal activities should l be done. When we talked about these issues with authorities, we saw very constructive and positive approaches and we saw them as extremely determined. For this reason, we are very optimistic about future. We have full confidence that the market will quickly progress. "

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