Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization; the revised regulation draft of the “Zero Waste Project” has been published. Many institutions and organizations including industrial facilities, Business Centers, Plazas, Shopping Centers, Health Institutions, Organized Industrial Zones, Airports, and  Municipalities will be resposible to apply the regulation. According to this draft, the responsibilities of institutions and organizations within the scope of the project and their timetables to enter the project were determined as below:

As defined in the Zero Waste Project, Waste Producers are Responsible of:

  • To ensure that all recyclable wastes are processed and sent to licensed waste treatment facilities and  they are treated as raw materials,
  • To ensure that wastes that cannot be recycled are sent to licensed facilities and  they are disposed with environmentally compatible methods.

As Süreko Waste Management, we continue our services with our experienced team and our Integrated Waste Recycling, Recovery and Disposal facility. In this context we can provide you high quality, flexible and 360 degree waste management approach with the hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services:

  • Separation and collection of waste starting from waste generation points within your production area
  • Transporting the waste collected in your production area to your waste area
  • Classification of waste by type in your waste area
  • Ensuring order and organization in your waste site
  • Logistics operations of your wastes on and off site
  • Daily reporting of your waste operations
  • Providing recycling / recovery and disposal services of your waste