Our Values

Our Values


In line with its slogan: ‘Reliable Waste Management’, Süreko firmly believes that integrity and trust must be the foundations of the relationship with its customers, the institutions and the other stakeholders to identify and apply sustainable solutions to the sensible issue of Industrial Waste Management.

Environmental Protection

We recognise the importance of reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases and avoiding land, water and air pollution. We contribute to environmental protection via the best combination of waste recycling and energy recovery from non-recyclable waste and best available techniques for the disposal of residual fraction.


We contribute to disseminate knowledge about best waste management approach and options.


We strive to develop next generation technology & systems and recognise the importance of innovating processes and solutions. We foster diversity of approaches and generation of new ideas.

Personnel Motivation

We nurture the motivation and commitment of our employees via continuous training, recognition and career opportunities in order to attract and retain the best talents who share the same beliefs in sustainable resource management. We give equal opportunities without any discrimination based on gender, race or religion.

Stakeholder Value

We endeavour to benefit all stakeholders through our continuous focus on reliability, innovation, sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

Shareholder Value

We create shareholder value with strong Return on Investment through safe, high quality, strategic and efficient waste management solutions and projects.