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7th National Solid Waste Management Congress Held

20.10.2015, Tuesday

7th National Solid Waste Management Congress held in Gaziantep this year

National Solid Waste Management Congress is held in cooperation with a different university each year by Turkish National Committee on Solid Wastes and Kriton Curi Environmental Foundation. 7th of the congress is held in Gaziantep University between 14th-16th October, 2015. The opening speech of the congress is made by Gaziantep University Rector; Prof. Dr. Yavuz Coşkun at Gaziantep University Ataturk Culture Center.

There is Recydia A.Ş. with its affilities; Süreko and Hereko among the sponsors of the congress of which main sponsor is Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Recydia contributes to the congress with the presentations and informations given by its qualified staff. Ms Özge Erbulundu, the Environment & Quality Chief of Sureko; the company that takes considerable way at waste management in Turkey, makes presentation on ‘’the place & importance of Biodrying process among disposal processes of domestic wastes’’ on the 2nd day of the congress. Erbulundu indicates that biodrying process is preferred as a more reliable  pre-treatment process for heavy metals arisen after compost process in domestic wastes compost when it is foreseen that domestic wastes might contain hazardous wastes such as medicine, cell batteries, etc. and adds that biodrying process is preferable in terms of waste amount sent to landfill, recycling & energy targets. The development of the sector is also discussed in the congress to which universities & municipalities Show great attention beside private & public sector.


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