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Süreko celebrates Teachers’ day with Teachers from Kula.

27.11.2013, Wednesday

Süreko, which is going on to be the only one-stop shop waste management solution, doesn’t leave teachers alone on Teachers’ Day. Süreko celebrates  Teachers’ Day via being the sponsor of the organisation held by Kula Education Volunteers Foundation in order to bring Kula National Education Staff, teachers  and school administrators  together. The organisation, held in Private Ufuk  High School on 26th November, Tuesday, continues with the Kula Education Volunteers Foundation Vise Chairman; Yavuz Yılmaz’s short speech and being watched Süreko’s introduction film after the dinner.  Proceeded with Kula Atatürk Primary School Headmaster’s giving plaquet to Sureko, the organization has come to the end after the music program.


27 Kasım 2013 Çarşamba

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